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You Could be eligible to get coverage for as little as $15/month*

How It Works

Your family now has less to worry about when grieving. Coverage never expires and can help pay for bills, debts, funeral costs, etc.

Top coverage

If you’re between the 18-70, you will not be turned down for health reasons.

No medical exam

Skip the medical exam, and get your coverage as soon as you’re ready.

Benefits paid quickly

Your family will likely get the payout within 7-10 business days.

Our Clients Speak for us

Rated 4.7 out of 5

“I was helping my mother obtain new insurance as she was relocating from Nevada to Texas. The service that was provided to me was excellent. I can't think of any areas of improvement that are needed.”
**Cynthia Assini
“The agent I talked to explained everything very well. I was a little apprehensive in the beginning, but then I realized he was there to help me. He was very knowledgeable of what each plan offered.”
**Julia Clarke
“I felt like I was discussing insurance plans with an extremely knowledgeable friend. Before speaking with her, I was up in the air about what direction to take. Now I feel good about my plan and future health care needs.”
**Jacob Adams

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Insurance?

Final Expense is a whole life insurance policy meant to cover funeral expenses. These policies typically have payouts between $5,000 - $25,000 and don't usually go higher than that. Having a Final Expense policy in place can remove a lot of the burden on your family upon your death. Funeral expenses are rising extremely fast and policies themselves can be quite affordable. If you would like to see quotes please enter your zip code above.

How do I Buy Life Insurance?

Our website is dedicated to providing you quote from multiple companies in your area to make sure that you receive the best price possible. If you would like to see quotes on Final Expense, please enter your information above and we will work to find you the best possible quotes free of charge.

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Having a Life Insurance policy in place is a smart decision that can save your family thousands. In cases of accidental death there is a large chance that your families savings could be completely wiped out by an unexpected funeral. Funerals can lead family's into debt and having a safety net will remove that burden. If you're looking to relieve the amount of stress on your family, looking for a Life Insurance policy is a great way to do it.

Could be eligible to get coverage for as little as $15/month*

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*Rate calculated for a 50 year old woman from Washington state with a $6,000 policy. Actual rates may vary

**All testimonials are paid actors. Individual results may vary, for details please visit lifeinsurancefreedom.com/disclaimer